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Database of buyers

We have a vast database of fully qualified purchasers who have registered their requirements with us and are actively looking for  a home.

Provide a comprehensive marketing solution that incorporates the most recent technological tools available. These enable us to market the specifics of your property to the widest range of buyers possible.

Our IT systems enable us here at Leapfrog to alert important buyers to the availability of your property, as soon as it comes onto the market. Our extensive database of buyers is automatically cross-checked against your property details and potential viewers will be alerted by emails.


Registered Tenants

We have a database of 100’s of potential tenants already looking for property in your area and whom will receive your property details by telephone call and/or email, the second your property begins to be marketed with us.


Property Boards

A distinctive property board will be placed outside your property. Our high profile ‘digitally printed’ Leapfrog boards are a very effective way of generating interest in your property… indeed no other local agent around has similar!

Buy modafinil uk next day delivery - Buy modalert online canada

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